Roman Glass Piriform Shaped Unguentarium
May 5, 2015
Roman Glass Piriform Shaped Unguentarium Vassel
May 6, 2015
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A light green Roman glass unguentarium



Description: A  beautiful light green Roman glass unguentarium. Transparent green colour, low bulbous rounded body, long tubular neck, tapering slightly, flattened base and rounded rim. . Areas of irridescence, a multi-coloured crust in places, and some light encrustation.

This type of flasks were used to store the costly oils and unguents which were available from around the Roman empire: The contents of such bottles could be poured slowly in tiny drops, and the small mouth was easily stoppered

Condition: Excellent. Complete and intact with multi-coloured iridescence and encrustations.
Date: C.2nd-3rd century A.D.
Region: Roman
Material: Glass
Size: H:165mmX D:48mm


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