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Museum Quality Celtic Bronze Age Neck Torque Torc Necklace

Description:This is a rare Bronze Age neck torque (torc, neck ring), dating to the late Bronze Age C.1500 – 1200 B.C. This is a very large example, made for a man. We have sold a few decent examples over the years, this has to be the one of best we have seen. It has a wonderful deep green patination, typical of undisturbed soil conditions. It is still strong and springy.

Such torques were worn by both men and women, in both in the late Bronze Age and Iron Age in Europe. They are a mark of cultural distinction between tribes and social rank, with silver and gold for the elite class (which we rarely find).

This is a perfect museum grade example, with a gorgeous patina

Period: Bronze Age C.1500 – 1200 B.C.

Region: Celtic

Material: Bronze

Size: H: 22cm X W: 22cm

With stand: H: 29.5cm


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