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VERY RARE Medieval Sword with Arabic Inscription and Gold Running Wolf Maker’s Mark Inlay

DESCRIPTION: C.12th-13th century AD. A broad parallel-sided two-edged piled blade with rounded tip, shallow fuller, short ricasso and narrow shoulder; waisted round-section quillons with plaque, flat-section tapering tang, solid bulb pommel of Oakeshott’s Type I; inlaid laten running wolf motif to each face about one-third down the blade; to one face below the shoulder, two lines of incised Kufic script.

Material is Iron from 12th to 13th Century, 1.3 kg, 97cm (38 1/4″).

Previously in the personal collection of a North Yorkshire Gentlemen, 1970s; acquired from him in 2005. The sword is a good example of Oakeshott’s Type X/Xa which dates from around 1100 AD in northern Europe and continues into the 15th century and even later. The blade is formed by piling rather than pattern-welding. The gold inlaid running wolf emblem is a traditional German maker’s mark

The Kufic inscription implies that the sword once formed part of an Islamic collection, perhaps the Arsenal of the Mameluk Sultans at Alexandria which acquired them in the 14th century or later (Aleksi?, 2007). However further research could be curry out for certainty.


Fine condition, blade notched.


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