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Superb Pair Of Marching Ancient Greek Hellenistic Lion’s Head Earrings

For sale is an pair of extremely fine Greek Hellenistic solid gold earrings with lion’s head terminals. The earrings are composed of a circlet of twisted wire, tapering from the lion’s head at the front end to a point. Much attention is given towards the naturalist rendering of the animal’s facial features, such as the wide-open eyes, nose, ears and mane. These fine pair of earrings testify the refinement of gold working in Ancient Greece during the Hellenistic period.



As in many ancient societies, jewellery was an important social marker used to demonstrate wealth, social status and privilege especially Gold jewelleries are much rarer. Hellenistic jewellery is generally characterised by a high level of refinement and attention to details. After the conquest of the Persian Empire by Alexandre the Great in 331 BC, the Greeks entered in contact not only with new cultures but also with new techniques and styles of jewellery making.

Condition: Extremely fine

Date: C. 4th-3rd Century B.C.

Material: Solid Gold: very pure, above 22ct

Size: D: 2cm

Weight: 6g


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